Royal pedicure with a hot stone massage

Try the incredible therapy of a Hot Stone Pedicure while sipping on a glass wine. In this alleviating treatment, warm, flawlessly sleek stones are used to massage the feet in order to generate deep tissue relaxation. This allows for the release of tight muscles with more luxury and at a more complex level. Because your feet hold the weight of your entire body, it declares them as the most tired muscles. With your choice from fifteen wonderful scents, this hot stone pedicure remedy induces heat in the muscles to loosen your cramps, allowing them to relax and heal. Hot stone pedicures promote increased benefits to the traditional pedicure that are not to be missed.

– Sugar Scrub: This is the perfect exfoliator that will take off all dry skin on your legs and feet, leaving them feeling soft, smooth, and refreshed.

– Mask: This extremely hydrating mask is loaded with intense anti-oxidants and skin regenerating ingredients to rejuvenate, brighten, and leave your skin looking soft, glowing and youthful.

– Luxury Lotion: It contains a unique balance of vitamins, nutrients, and essential oils to create the perfect therapy lotion that helps repair dry, damaged skin. This luxurious formula infuses your skin with intense hydration, making them soft for hours. The lotion stimulates the senses with its restorative aromatherapy.

Footcare and handcare at the spa

15 scents to choose from:

Lemon Dream Mandarin Citrus
Berry Berry Vanilla Wild Plum
Lemongrass Ginger Sweet Citrus
Exotic Mango Lime Gest
Papaya Star Grapefruit
White Tea Milk And Honey
Cherry Bing Pomegranate Splash
Papaya and Guava