Acrylic Nails

Acrylics are the solution for whenever you need an instant set of flawless nails. Acrylics are applied to create a hard protective layer over your own nails to convey a natural appearance. Once finished, it provides an immaculate coating for your color selection.

Pink & White – Solar Nails

Do you like the appearance of beautiful French nails? Pink and White is an effortless nail enhancement style in which the base of your nail is a natural pink and the tip is a pure white. With the use of powder, you longer have to dry or worry about the chipping and peeling of polish. It is a service that has always been associated with class, elegance and style, with a purpose to look natural.

Lechat Powder Gel Nails

SNS Nails

SNS is a dipping colored powder system that is put directly onto the nail bed to create long-term nails with extraordinary durability and luminance. The process uses no odors, liquids, primers, or UV lights. Signature Nails are lightweight and thin, which allow your natural nails to breathe. By adding different kinds of vitamins and calcium, SNS allow your nails to grow out stronger and healthier